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GS-L09 Serener Mini ITX Fanless
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  • Structure
    • HTPC Chassis
    • Space-saving flat cable is applied to connect the front USB and the motherboard
    • Catered to the newly launched micro GP81 DC-DC converter
    Case dimension 156mm W x 152mm D x 50mm H
    Motherboard configuration
    VIA Nano-itx (EPIA NX)
    Drive configuration
    1 x 2.5" HDD
    Front Access USB x 4 + SPDIF x 1 + LED x 2 + SPK + MIC + Power Button x 2
    Back Panel Access LAN x 1 + UGA x 1 + KB x1 + MS x 1
    Cooling Passive Solution, Fanless
    Power Supply Built-in 12V120W DC Board GP-87, External 12V 60W Adapter
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 2.70kg / 4kg
    Heatpipe Options HP35 (included)
    Heatpipe 35
    Spare Parts